About Us


tForm Inc. was created in 2015 to disrupt the time-to-market for custom thermoformed plastic packaging solutions.  With a mix of modern technology and vertical integration, tForm’s mission is to reduce cost and lead-time in the custom packaging industry.

Since our beginning, we have expanded our capabilities in our facility in South Carolina, to include packaging solutions for the Medical, Automotive, Industrial, and Cold-Chain markets, while specializing in low to mid volume and niche market segments.


In-House Design Team

Our In-House design team can tailor a custom packaging solution for any application, and ensure a seamless process from customer spec to finished parts.

In-House Tooling

Just like Design, we have in-house tooling production utilizing the latest CNC machining equipment.  Having this under one roof provides a streamlined and lower cost process.

Flexible Production

We operate a flexible production environment, capable of handling a high-mix, low-volume production demand.  Quick-change tooling and advanced software for production management allow us to provide competitive prices at the lowest order volumes.